Travel Tip: What to pack for Australia

Going Downunder? Deciding what to pack for Australia can be challenging. The country’s diverse environments and climates, along with a plethora of available nature activities, coupled with sophisticated urban cities and the great outdoors often mean you need to be prepared for every situation when deciding what to wear travelling around Australia. ere are 5 essential items to pack for a trip to Australia.

what to pack for Australia
Power points from around the world

Power adapters

Unless you’re coming from Argentina, New Zealand or PNG, you’ll need a power adapter to charge your gadgets and gizmos. Australian power points are different to the power points from all other countries. The voltage here is 220V, so if you have an American blowdryer, you’ll blow it without a power converter.

What to pack for Australia
Kangaroo, sumbathing in Lucky Bay (Pic from


You can call them swimmers (swim suits), bathers (bathing suits) or cossies (swimming costumes) – whichever way, you’ll need to bring them. The Australian coast is one of the main reasons many people visit – whether you’re swimming, sunning, snorkelling, kayaking, diving or surfing, you’ll need your swimmers! There’s plenty of water sports to choose from in Australia. Whether you’re going on a cruise in the Whitsundays, diving the Great Barrier Reef, sea kayaking, or hanging out with some curious fur seals. Even when you think you you’re just going for a hike in the bush, there are tracks that wend their way along the coast, ending up at secluded beaches perfect for a picnic and a private swim.

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What to pack for Australia
Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide! (Pic from

Sun protection

Every Australian grows up knowing how to “slip, slop and slap” and to stay out of the sun. Here, the sun will literally fry you – in the summer, temperatures in some parts of Australia can go up to 33 degrees Celsius. The country also has a very high rate of skin cancer, mostly due to the hole in the ozone layer located right above it, so do as the natives do and learn how to weather the Australian summer properly. Bring SPF 30+ sunscreen with you, and stock up once you run out. If you’re going to be outdoors a lot, a hat with a large brim should also be on your packing list.

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What to pack for Australia
Prescription medicine is best filled before travel to Australia (Pic from

Prescription medicines

There are plenty of chemists and pharmacists in Australia so it’s relatively easy to obtain over the counter drugs. However, for anything that requires a prescription, you may need to go to an Australian doctor. It’s far easier to fill out your prescription at home before you arrive. Remember to leave the labels on and bring along the original prescription sheet just in case customs needs to sight it.

What to pack for Australia
Hiking the Overland Track, Cradle Mountain (Pic from

Good walking shoes

If you’re travelling Australia, chances are somewhere in your itinerary there’ll be a hike involved. The Australian landscape is one of the most beautiful in the world, but it’s also home to some of the world’s most deadly snakes and spiders. Proper hiking shoes are essential if you’re going on trails in the bush or outback, whether you’re hiking the mountains of Tasmania, visiting the Blue Mountains,¬†or the tramping along in the temperate rainforests of Barrington Tops.

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If you’ve forgotten to pack something, don’t worry – there’s plenty of shops in Australia, both in the country towns and in metropolitan areas where you’ll be able to find what you need. Your packing list will be largely dependent on your timeframe and where in Australia you plan to go – these five items are just the tip of the iceberg!

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  1. Yikes – I didn’t know that there are so many deadly spiders in Oz! I’ve been to Sydney but have never been to the outback. I definitely want to return to Australia and see as many part of the country as possible. This is a great packing list!

    1. Thanks Dana! Hopefully you find it useful when you return to Oz! There are lots of horrible beasties out in the Australian bush – but on the eastern coast, you’ll find funnelweb spiders, which have a deadly bite! With Australia it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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