Visiting Tenerife: Churches

Tenerife is a tourist hotspot that attracts many different types of people from all over the world. This is unsurprising as there is so much to do and with such great value accommodation when booking Tenerife Hotels with, holidaymakers return again and again to this sunny island. Some come purely for the weather and beaches, whilst others are drawn to the culture and history of this Canary Island. Culture in Tenerife is explicitly bound to religion as this forms a major part of its history. If you’re visiting Tenerife, some of the finest sights you will see here are the island’s churches, of which there are many, all boasting a different story and aesthetic and dating back as far as 600 years in some cases.

Visiting Tenerife
Convent de San Francisco

Convento de San Francisco, Garachico

This is now no longer a functioning church, but a museum dedicated to telling the story of the town it resides in, Garachico. The town was once the busiest port on the island, and as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries it was one of the hubs of civilisation in Tenerife. This was all put to an end when a volcano covered the town causing huge disruption in 1706 and it is now as it has been since that point, a quiet seaside town.

Visiting Tenerife
Iglesia de la Concepcion

Iglesia de la Concepcion, San Cristobal de La Laguna

Seven miles further inland than the capital of Santa Cruz, this church was the first parish church to be built on the island. The main feature of this church is the tower that overlooks the surrounding countryside. This tower has led to the Spanish Government declaring the site a National Historic-Artistic Monument and many climb to the top to take in the view.

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The Church of St Francis Assisi

Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís, Santa Cruz

The Church of St Francis of Assisi originally served as a Franciscan convent. In its present incarnation as a Catholic Church, it is now the second most important church of Santa Cruz. The building was completed in 1680 and is built in the Baroque style. The church houses a relic – the image of the Señor de las Tribulaciones, which is credited for stopping a cholera epidemic in 1893.

Religion, history and culture have long been intertwined, and in Tenerife to get to grips with the island you need to explore it’s churches. Above are just two of the many many churches that are open to the public, and there will always be a story to accompany it and a friendly Spanish local to recount it to you.

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