Little-Known Ways to Have a Blast in Rosemont

Rosemont is one of the more charming but lesser known cities in Illinois. As a quaint village that is nestled just northwest of the big city of Chicago, it may be tempting for visitors to stay in one of the great hotels here while visiting the Windy City. Visitors would make a mistake if they simply rushed in and out of this area, though, because Rosemont has a definite charm and the promise of many adventures all on its own.

rosemont theatre chicago taking to the open road peggy tee panoramio
The Rosemont Theatre

Theatrical Treats

The Rosemont Theatre is located in the heart of the village on River Road, the same road as the Chicago Marriott Suites O’Hare and other convenient hotels. It’s in the middle of the action and hosts everything from exciting plays straight from Broadway to shows by some of the most beloved singers and bands in the world.

You may want to check this venue’s schedule to fit in some of the glitz and glamour of the theatre while on your Rosemont vacation. The Allstate Arena and MB Financial Park are two other locations that host big concerts in the small village of Rosemont. The Muvico Rosemont 18 is right on the MB Financial Park, so you can watch the latest movie in one of its 18 recently remodelled big screen theatres. The park also hosts season-appropriate festivals throughout the year.

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rosemont Westin-Ohare-pool taking to the open road peggy tee freetravelguys
The Pool at the Westin O’Hare

Hotel Hopping Delights

Did you know that Rosemont hosts some of the premier hotels in the country? That’s because of its close proximity to the Chicago O’Hare Airport, which also means that there are some world-class spas and restaurants at these Rosemont hotels.

In addition to finding cheap hotels in Rosemont, you may want to visit the eateries and attractions at several of the nearby hotels. For example, the Enigma Lounge at the Best Western at O’Hare is an upscale lounge that’s open for dinner, and the Westin O’Hare has an on-site spa.

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rosemont des museum hummel figurines taking to the open road peggy tee chicagotribune
Hummel figurines on display at the DES Museum

Museum Marvels

Rosemont also has its own famous museum. The Donald E. Stephens Museum of Hummels is home to the biggest public collection of M.I. Hummel figurines in the entire world, a fact that draws tourists to this village to visit the museum. When you are in Rosemont, you may want to allow enough time to see over 1,000 special figurines and woodcarvings.

rosemont health and fitness taking to the open road peggy tee rosemont
Facilities in the Rosemont Health and Fitness Centre

Fitness Fun

When you’re on vacation, you may need an energy boost since you’re in a new town. For a quick pick-me-up, try a workout at the large, amenity-filled Rosemont Health and Fitness. In addition to its state-of-the-art fitness equipment, it has steam and sauna rooms, so you can relax in full vacation style after your workout. Also, there is on-site childcare for people who are travelling with family.

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Finally, keep in mind that this is just the beginning! Take a walk around the village and do some exploring the next time that you are in Rosemont. You’ll likely find that this inexpensive area holds as much charm as more expensive, popular cities.

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