Touring with your family in Jordan

Jordan has many interesting sights to see, like the world famous UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra, carved into red rock. Jordan is also a surprisingly child-friendly destination. Take the whole family to see and experience this exotic country through a child’s eyes.

Jordan Children's Museum Amman Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee heper eu
The Children’s Museum, Amman

Children’s Museum

Most trips to Jordan will begin in the capital city of Amman. Home to the Citadel, The Hercules Temple, and the Roman Theater, Amman also hosts a world class children’s museum. With exhibits such as a secret garden, aquarium, library and art studio, kids and adults alike will be amazed. The museum, which opened in 2007, hosts over 150 interactive exhibits.

Jordan Desert Castles  Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee
A caravanserai in the desert


Kids love castles. Little known secret: most adults have never outgrown this. Did you know that Jordan is also home to many castles? From biblical ancient castles to medieval strongholds from the crusades, there are many fascinating sites to behold.

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Starting with the Desert Castles will take you on a day’s excursion out of Amman. Following the Desert Highway, or the Route of the Desert Castles, you will find many examples of castles and fortresses. Most were built between 650 and 750, during the Umayyad Dynasty.

These incredible complexes display gorgeous depictions of early Islamic art and architecture. Mosaics, carvings, and murals provide an illustrated history of life during this period.

Jordan Karak_Castle Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee Wikimedia
Karak Castle

Jordan is also home to castles built during the crusades. The most famous of these is Kerak Castle. Located in Al Karak, also known as Kerak, touring this castle will take you on another day trip from Amman, this time on the King’s Highway. This castle, known to the crusaders as the Stone of the Desert, was built by the crusaders. It remained in their control for close to 50 years.

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A shining example of the architecture of the Crusades, Karak Castle includes aspects of European, Arab, and Byzantine influence. Since 2004, the lower level of the castle is home of the Karak Archaeological Museum, which showcases the history and arts of Karak.

If touring the castles seems overwhelming to you, sign up for one of the many pre-organised, packaged Jordan tours on offer. Just don’t miss out on this amazing slice of history.

Jordan Madaba mosaics Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee Wikipedia
The detailed mosaics at Madaba


Who doesn’t love mosaics? Fun, educational, and just downright amazing, these sixth century byzantine mosaic maps are sure to hold visitors of all ages in rapture. In the city of Madaba, nicknamed the City of Mosaics, the maps found in St. George’s Church depict the city of Jerusalem in the Byzantine period. Other mosaics that can be seen in Madaba include additional maps in other churches, mosaics of flora and fauna, mythological scenes, and depictions of daily life. Prepare to be amazed, and to create lots of mosaic projects with your kiddos once you return home.

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Jordan Gulf_of_Eilat_(Red_Sea)_coral_reefs Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee Wikimedia
Coral reefs, Aqaba

Coral Reefs at Aqaba

At the Red Sea city of Aqaba, you can take a boat tour of the coral reefs. They are easy to find in the clear water. Perhaps the family would enjoy snorkeling among the reefs, and getting an up close and personal view of the underwater life in the reefs.

Family tours of Jordan will provide once in a lifetime memories. So pack up the minivan, head to the airport, and make your way to this amazing tourist experience.

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