Things to do on the Great Ocean Road, Australia

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The Great Ocean Road is one of ’s most popular destinations and it’s easy to see why. With its wide, desolate beaches, world renown surf breaks, and national parks strewn like jewels along this stretch of Victoria’s coast, the route is an amazing adventure. There’s plenty of on the Great Ocean Road, no matter where your interests lie.

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Things to do on the Great Ocean Road: Take a

One of the best Australian road trips, the Great Ocean Road is spread over a 150-mile area all the way from Torquay along the Bellarine peninsula near Geelong to Warrnambool not far from the South Australian border. If you have the time, take at least 3 days on the Great Ocean Road to allow yourself the time to stop and enjoy the scenery as well as the ambience of charming coastal towns like Lorne, Port Fairy and Apollo Bay.

If you’d prefer to leave the to others, a  guided Great Ocean Road tour can be customised to suit whatever time you have available, from a day trip from to 3 days on the road.

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Things to do on the Great Ocean Road: Soak in the scenery

Victoria’s southwest coastline features an unbelievable range of natural scenery, including the most famous of them all – the Twelve Apostles. Formed by centuries of wind and water erosion, the Apostles are now sadly only eight in number but they remain one of the key attractions of the Great Ocean Road. There’s also the Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge which are stunning in their own right but much quieter and less popular with visitors. Looking to splurge? Book a Great Ocean Road helicopter sightseeing flight for an unforgettable experience.

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Things to do on the Great Ocean Road: Surf at Bells

Bells Beach is home to some of the world’s best surfing breaks and at Easter each year, hosts the world’s longest-running surfing competition – the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival. Sign up for a surfing lesson and test your skills on the same breaks that world champions surf, or if surfing’s not your thing, check out nearby Surfworld Museum in Torquay, with its Surfing Hall of Fame and memorabilia from surfing culture like Duke Kahanamoku’s wooden longboard.

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Things to do on the Great Ocean Road: Hike in Great Otway National Park

From old volcanoes and coastlines to rivers and rainforests, the Great Ocean Road features nature at its most diverse. In Great Otway National Park you’ll see sparkling gorges and thundering waterfalls, ancient mossy trees and pristine bush. If you’re lucky you may even spot koalas, kangaroos and wallabies. There are a variety of hiking trails within Great Otway which are suitable for different fitness levels. Lurking in a corner of Cape Otway National Park is Melba Gully, home to a colony of glow worms. Nocturnal nature lovers can hike into the gully to see the glow worms glittering in the dark.

Things to do on the Great Ocean Road: Indulge in food and wine

The region around the Great Ocean Road is known for its quality produce. There are plenty of good restaurants along the way from Geelong to Warrnambool but a few standouts include the fresh-off-the-boat seafood from the Fisheries Co-op at Lorne’s Aquatic and Angling Club, hyper local modern Australian served at Brae, in the small historic town of Birregurra, between Colac and Lorne, and Jack & Jill in Geelong, with its pitch perfect offering of regional produce, craft beers and live music.

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  1. I’m planning to visit one of my friends next month and was wondering where should I go for outings with him. Since I haven’t tried surfing yet, I think I should give it a try. And I’ll be visiting the Twelve Apostles too.

    1. Hi Ratheesh! That sounds like a great plan! If you do try out surfing, make sure you get lessons first as the surf can get really powerful and rough in Australia. Have a great time!

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