See more of British Columbia this summer

The summer may be winding down, but your holiday is only beginning. If you want to see as much of British Columbia as possible, don’t consider flying to a remote local or relying on public transportation to get you from city to city. That’s no way to see the province, especially when you have your sights on local sites of the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island. The mixture of coastal and forested landscape means the easiest way to see everything is by car. But don’t put your own vehicle through the ringer just to discover the area. Hire a rental car and you won’t have to worry about mileage or missing out on the top sites.

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Can’t decide between the Mainland and the Island? Why not stick with a trusted rental car company that has locations in both areas? Tsawwassen car rental services, such as those provided by Delta Car Rentals, can help you no matter what side of the ocean you’re on. With locations in Tsawwassen and downtown Victoria, a company like Delta can organize pick-ups and drop-offs in convenient starting and ending areas, like the ferry terminals or airports. To get a full list of the areas you can pick up or leave your rental, stop by Delta Car Rentals Victoria and read up on their free pick-up and drop-off services.

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If you’re stating on the Mainland in the Delta area, consider making your first destination Boundary Bay Regional Park. Within you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy salt-water swimming, kayaking, and low-tide walks along Centennial Beach — a popular seaside attraction that’s less crowded than beaches near Vancouver.

After experiencing the natural wonders of the area, making one (or more) of the many local wineries your next stop is a highly recommended idea. The coastal Westham Island Estate Winery — the very first winery to open in the area—offers free daily tastings. The nearby Wellbrook Winery is also a great destination, as they’re known as much for their wine as they their beautiful location. Situated on a 55 acre farm with carefully preserved architecture, Wellbroke exudes 19th century charm.

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Once you cross the ocean on the Tsawwassen ferry boat, driving around Vancouver Island will be a welcome end to your road trip. If you’re ever unsure of what to do, just ask your rental car service representative. They’ll be able to share some of their favourite destinations, making your trip around the area an informed one. Be sure to choose a Tsawwassen rental car company that you can trust for advice — it goes a long way to ensuring you enjoy your trip!

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