One for the Road: Travel’s Little Luxuries

Once you’ve been on the road for a little while, it starts to happen. The smallest, simplest things become travel’s little luxuries. If you’ve been backpacking – a strong wi-fi signal, a steady supply of copious hot water, a single dorm bed in an empty room. If you’ve been moving around a lot, luxury can sometimes be as simple as slowing down and taking it all in, with no rush to go anywhere else for a awhile. Travel is life changing, but it is can also be challenging. Here’s a primer taking a some of travel’s little luxuries on the road with you.

travel's little luxuries cashmere shawl taking to the open road peggy tee
Cashmere shawl from Diane von Furstenberg

1. A cashmere shawl or scarf

Arguably a little more useful for girls than for guys, a little bit of cashmere can serve as a serious pick me up. In cold airplanes, while walking along wintry streets, or simply as a wrap for a pillow that has seen better days in a hostel, a cashmere shawl injects a little luxury into your travels. Best of all, it’s easy to take care of – simply hand wash in cold water and dry flat on a towel; because it’s made from natural fibres cashmere is light, warm and dries super quick.

travel's little luxuries eye mask taking to the open road peggy tee-001
Cute travel eye mask

2. Scented silk eye mask

Why pack just a normal eye mask? Plump for a lavender scented eye mask for a comfortable, luxurious sleep. Once you put it on, everything else disappears – no more long haul bus ride, no more stinky airplane passenger next to you, no more lights and movement from your dorm mates, just sweet, silky, sleep. Gentlemen, before you shake your heads at this suggestion, not all eye masks are pink with fluffy prints. Check this one out from Amazon. 

Pachamama the earth goddess
Pachamama the earth goddess – a gift from a friend whom I met in Bolivia. She goes with me whenever I travel.

3. A memory of home

This can be a photograph, a keepsake, a piece of jewellery. When I travelled around South America alone for 3 months I took with me a collage of photos of my favourite people, including friends and family. This was stuck into the back page of my travel diary. On lonely days just having a reminder of the connections I had was enough to make a difference.

travel's little luxuries silk tea bags taking to the open road peggy tee teadrop
Bring your own favourite drinks

4. Bring your own brew

There’s something soothing about kicking back with a relaxing cup of tea at the end of a long day for me. My choice of brew would be a luxurious silk tea bag filled with an aromatic tea – Earl Grey is a favourite, but you could bring your own favourite tea, infusion or coffee with you on the road. In fact, when we spent 4 days in Cradle Mountain National Park, we packed our coffee beans which came from Rome, and our moka with us.

travel's little luxuries foot scrub taking to the open road peggy tee
A luxurious foot scrub for the road

5. Foot scrub and pumice

This may seem a little basic, but after months walking around and wandering unfamiliar streets your feet are going to be pretty cut up. While in places like Thailand, pedicures are a dime a dozen, if you’re backpacking across Europe you’ll want to pack a light pumice stone and a tub of foot scrub. Trust me, having averaged 10km walking almost every day on my 2 week trip in Spain, your feet will thank you for it.

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