Mauritius in a minute

Mauritius is a small island off the South East coast of Africa. A gorgeous gem in the sea, it’s becoming a hot destination for holidaymakers from around the world. Check out some of the things you can see and do while on this idyllic speck in middle of the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius Bois-Cheri-Tea-Factory taking to the open road peggy tee makemytrip
The Bois Cheri tea plantations

What to See…

If you and your love can tear yourselves away from the comforts of your room and the beach, seeing the tea plantations would be a wonderful choice. Whether you’re a tea lover or not, there’s no denying the beauty that surrounds you here. The panoramic views of the interior of the island from the Bois Cheri Tea Plantations is unprecedented. There’s a guided tour and a terrace restaurant. Obviously ordering the tea is a must.

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Another crop to pay attention to in the area is sugarcane. You wouldn’t think sugarcane fields would be very interesting, but they sure are here. When will you say that you got to frolic through fields of sugarcane? The L’Aventure Du Sucre has it’s own sugarcane fields and educational museum.

Mauritius Chamarel taking to the open road peggy tee makemytrip
The colourful formations of the Chamarel

Colored Earth of Chamarel is an odd and beautiful sight. The spectacularly coloured volcanic surface features oranges, purples, yellows, and reds all blending in odd ways, making for a truly unique terrain. There’s some waterfalls and gorges along the way to this area and as well as some viewpoints to get the best vistas for those panoramic pictures.

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mauritius belle mare beach taking to the open road peggy tee villamauritius co uk
Belle Mare Beach

What to Do…

Visit the beaches! There’s no denying that’s probably 75% of the reason you are on Mauritius anyway. Just take everything in and relax at those amazing beaches which boast crystal blue water and white sand. If you’re up for some adventurous activities, Le Morne is a kitesurfing hotspot. For some more secluded beaches, La Cuvette in the north could be the place for you, and the popular Belle Mare Beach will probably be on your list too. Some of the nicest beaches are here, so take your pick, it’s hard to go wrong.

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mauritius C beach club  taking to the open road peggy tee heritageresorts mu
Cabanas at the C Beach Club, Mauritius

Many sunseekers love nothing more than lying out under the sun or sipping on cocktails on beach chairs, but for the more discerning traveller, there are other, more stylish options. No luxury honeymoon to Mauritius is complete without finding yourself a little love nest to cocoon you and your better half in for the day. A bed in a semi-enclosed nest-like structure set up on the beach offer complete privacy. While hanging out in your love nest don’t forget to try some of the local Mauritian rum. Sit back and sip a rum cocktail (or two!) – some of the greatest rum made from the sugarcane on the island itself.

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