Lively and Luscious Lanzarote

As the largest of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote boasts unspoiled beaches, stunning scenery and lively strips bursting with bustling bars, clubs and restaurants. It’s a top destination for anyone from hardcore hikers to rowdy revelers, and incredibly affordable too! So don’t break the bank with this year’s trip, book a Thomas Cook Airline flight to Lanzarote and let the fun commence!

Lanzarote Teguise_Costa_Teguise taking to the open road peggy tee wikimedia
Beaches of Costa Teguise

For those craving complete peace and seclusion, choose a resort in the stunning Costa Teguise, where gentle blue waves lap onto white sand and luxury accommodation is offered at incredibly affordable prices. If you’re after a livelier vibe and close proximity to Lanzorote’s buzzing epicenter, grab yourself a bed in Puerto Del Carmen, the islands biggest and busiest resort.

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Timanfaya-_Lanzarote-_Illas_Canarias-_Spain taking to the open road peggy tee
The volcanoes of Timanfaya

Lace up those hiking boots and head to Timanfaya National Park, where you’ll witness steaming geysers spurt in an eerie, volcanic landscape likened to the surface of planet Mars! You can witness spectacular sights that show how burning hot the landscape is – dry brush thrown into a hole explodes into flames immediately! Take an exciting camel ride through the park, exploring the hundred volcanoes this spectacular, fiery landscape offers. Feast on meat and fish grilled áu naturel after your explorations by visiting El Diablo restaurant; your food is cooked over a hole where volcanic activity is rife. It’s a novel and delicious culinary experience!

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Lanzarote Jardín de Cactus taking to the open road peggy tee
The cactus garden

For a taste of the Wild, Wild West and a rip roaring good time, visit Rancho Texas Park, Lanzarote’s biggest theme park which offers fabulous, fun filled activities like panning for gold and pony rides! Stick around after the sun sets to enjoy a smoky, succulent barbecue while YEE-HAWing to line dancing and cowboy shows. If your hunger for the Wild Wet isn’t satisfied by the park, visit Jardin de Cactus where over ten thousand spiky cacti cover the dry and barren landscape.

Lanzarote Jameos del agua taking to the open road peggy tee flickr
The famous crystal blue waters of Jameos del Agua

A visit to the stunningly beautiful Los Jameos del Agua must feature on your Lanzarote travel . The crystal clear lake, lying in within the depths of a roofless crater and bustling with the native Jameitos crabs, is forbidden to swim in however the area boasts a beautiful swimming pool lined with tropical palms. For more picturesque beauty, catch the ferry to the tiny and secluded island of La Graciosa, just off the north tip of Lanzarote. Upon this island that time forgot, you won’t find any roads so you can relax on one of the many idyllic beaches without hearing the monotonous drone of cars.

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So now you know Lanzarote isn’t just about alcoholic fishbowls and plastic sun loungers around busy pools, book your wonderful trip today to explore this diverse and delightful island.

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  1. For the Doctor Who fan, Lanzarote is the location where the 1984 story ‘Planet of Fire’ was shot. There’s enough in that story to inspire anyone to visit this amazing place – and no, I havent! Your photos also show how stunning it is. Great post

    1. I didn’t know that! There are other awesome sites used in my favorite shows I’ve yet to visit – New Zealand’s LotR sites, Croatia, Malta and Ireland for the Game of Thrones sites. … so much world to see, so little time!

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