Watersports on the Lakes: Lake Garda, Italy

While the change of season means that we’re edging closer and closer to the winter sports opportunities in the mountains, that doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead to next year by taking a look at the Lake Garda holidays available in 2014. Many people who have visited this Italian lake before will have done so because of the relaxing opportunities, the walking and the towns to explore, but that certainly isn’t where the appeal ends.

Lake Garda holidays
Lake Garda, Italy (Pic from www.telegraph.co.uk)

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and as such, is an incredibly popular place for watersports enthusiasts to enjoy the activities the lake has to offer –  such as wind surfing, kite surfing and sailing. Watersports aren’t just available in coastal resorts where the oceans are clear and turquoise – opportunities are just as rife on this massive lake too.

Your chosen resort will likely depend on what watersports you wish to try; windsurfing is a popular activity in the north of the lake because of the ideal wind conditions, while waterskiing and sailing are popular in the south due to the calmer waters. Riva and Torbole are popular with windsurfing enthusiasts, with the thermal winds offering the best conditions – strong winds in the morning for the advanced, southerly, milder winds in the afternoon for the beginners.

Lake Garda holidays
Water sports on Lake Garda (Pic from www.neilson.co.uk

The resort of Torbole has a dedicated sailing zone, with catamarans and dinghies available to take onto the water. Whether you just want a taster, a complete beginner session or something a little advanced, Torbole is the place to go.

Whether you just want to hop on a jet ski and whizz around the bay, or you’d prefer something a little more adventurous, Lake Garda and its myriad of resorts will undoubtedly have something perfect for you. While it would be easy to relax for the duration of your lakeside break, what’s stopping you from adding a little adventure to your escape?


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