How Much Does It Cost? Oslo, Norway

how much does it cost Norway
Oslo’s Opera House

We started budgeting for our trip to Norway pretty early on as if there’s one thing about Norway everyone knows, it’s how expensive it is! But how much does a trip to Norway cost, exactly? Would a hotdog lunch in Oslo put us completely out of pocket? How much was a bottle of water in Tromso? Guesstimate no further – this lists all the details you need to know before you go.

Tickets to the Vasa Museet NOK60
1 litre bottle of water NOK29
2 Postcards NOK40
Takeaway hot chocolate NOK60
Polse (hotdog) NOK52
24 hour luggage locker, Oslo train station NOK60
Entry fee to public toilet NOK10

Prices as of Mar 2013.

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    1. yelomello says:

      Oh man! How i miss Norway.

      1. Did you used to live there? I still can’t get over how expensive everything was there!

        1. yelomello says:

          Nah, went there for an assignment. I was shocked with the cost of living there when I first set my foot there. And that was like 2 yrs back. Hey by the way, you have lovely travel pics man!

          1. I’m still reeling from the shock. We paid £17 for two sandwiches and a coffee at the airport. It would have cost us about £8 in London! Madness.

            Thanks for the kind words! Not *every* picture on the site is mine; if it’s attributed to another site, I didn’t take it, but the majority is my shots! 🙂

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