Five Must See Places in Havana, Cuba

Traveling to Cuba is like taking a step back in time. Perhaps no place in Cuba embodies this better than Havana. With so much history and culture, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin your trip. This guide will lead the way to the five must see places in Havana.

Must see Places in Havana Vieja Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee © Pixabay
Streets of old Havana, Cuba

1. Habana Vieja

To truly experience a trip back in time, Old Havana is the place to see. Nothing says old fashioned quite like a stroll on cobblestone streets. Start at the Plaza de Armas. This is where it all began. Plaza de Armas is more than 500 years old. It is here that the foundation for the city was laid centuries ago.

While you are here don’t miss the Palace of the Generals. Completed in the year 1791, this beautiful Palace has undergone many changes of occupants over time. Today, you can see the Havana City Museum housed inside these walls.

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must see places in havana cuba plaza vieja taking to the open road peggy tee © wikipedia
Plaza Vieja, Havana

If you love a bargain, you can also find the daily flea market held in this public square.
The public squares are certainly a big draw in Old Havana. After your visit to where it all began, head over to Plaza Vieja. After 10 long years of renovations, the square glistens like it must have in days of yore, when it was actually known as the New Square, instead of the Old Square as it is known today.

Plaza Vieja is home to many art galleries and venues. Here you will find two beautiful art galleries housed in the Casa de los Condes de Jaruco. The Casa de Juan Rico de Mata is home to a photography gallery at the Fototeca de Cuba. The Casa de las Hermanas Cárdenas, the former home of Havana’s first philharmonic society, now hosts the Centro de Desarrollo de Artes. The Artesanías para Turismo workshop is housed in the Casa del Conde San Estéban de Cañongo.

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Must see Places Havana Cuba Malecon Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee © Vitor Hugo
Along the Malecon, Havana

2. Malecon

Havana’s famous seawall offers a pedestrian walkway along the ocean. Come here at different times of day for completely different experiences. In the early morning, you will encounter fishermen trying their luck. In the afternoon, families arrive. Join the kids enjoying a sea bath through rectangular openings in the wall that let in just a splash of water. In the evening, come back to experience the unique nightlife the Malecon has to offer. Your Cuba multi centre holiday won’t be complete without a stroll here.

Must see places in havana cuba The Revolutionary Museum Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee © Wikipedia
The Museum of the Revolution

3. Museo de la Revolution

Housed in the building that was once home to the presidential palace, the Museum of the Revolution was built in homage to Che Guevara, the Argentine revolutionary who played a pivotal part in Cuba’s liberation. The museum also has displays from other periods Cuba’s colorful history and is a key attraction to visit if you want to begin to understand this complex country.

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Must see Places Havana Cuba baseball Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee © Flickr
Baseball is a passion in Havana

4. Estadio Latinamericano

Sports fans won’t want to miss seeing a baseball game at the Estadio Latinoamericano. Whether watching local Cuban teams play each other, or international league play, you are sure to catch a spectacular game. Another alternative is to head for Parque Central near Havana Vieja, where baseball fans gather to practice, play and passionately argue about the merits of their local teams.

must see places in havana cuba hemingway el floridita taking to the open road peggy tee © wikimedia
Papa Hemingway in his favourite Havana bar, El Floridita

5. Museo Ernest Hemingway

For fans of the literary master, no trip to Cuba would be complete without visiting Hemingway’s home, Finca Vigía. Papa’s hilltop estate has been enshrined as he left it. Tourists are not allowed into his home, but can wander around the outside of the house looking in.

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