European Beauties Along the Rhine River

Europe is a continent full of rich culture, history, architectural wonders, and plenty of cities and towns of interest. What make towns and cities just that much more interesting is the natural flow of a beautiful, serene, and at the same time mighty river that snakes its way through them. The Rhine River is just one of the waterways that goes through Europe and it has a number of beautiful cities and towns of interest. Any mode of transport is a good way to see these places, but personalised river cruises are possibly the most exciting way to get to know these riverside gems.

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Art, history, lovely people, a city but small and quaint at the same time, what else do you need? This gorgeous city is beaming with a positive vibe for all types of travels. The canals that divide this city up with its bridges and floating boats make for a beautiful stroll around the the city. While you’re wandering around, you can stop by a number of important, interesting, and historical sites. The house of Anne Frank has been turned into a museum and provides a grim, yet insightful look at the world during those times. The Rijksmusuem is a definite hot spot for anyone into world class collections of art from artists all over the world. The Van Gogh Museum is eyeopening and remarkable. It’s very humbling to be wandering around a museum with work from this influential artist. The medieval wooden houses and historical city centers boast a stunning spectacle of architecture that are on display as you wander around the city.

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rhine river cologne taking to the open road peggy tee wikipedia
Cologne’s famous cathedral


A gem in Germany, this insightful city showcases some of Germany’s most beautiful buildings and culture. The UNESCO World heritage Site of Kolner Dom is what welcomes you right off the main central station.¬† There are many steps to the top, but taking the time to clamor up over 500 steps will be well worth it. There are 12 Romanesque Churches of interest like the St Kunibert with gorgeous stain-glass windows and the controversial paintings located in the St. Pantaleon. There are gorgeous parks to wander around like Aachener-Weiher, tons of well-worth-your-time museums that would take days to see, and of course, the highlight of the city, Cologne Cathedral.

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Lake Constance, from Germany

Lake Constance

The Rhine is a beautiful river, but when it flows into this beautiful lake, it becomes even more magnificent. Bordering three countries, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, this lake is a charming addition to the surrounding towns. It’s a quiet and serene spot to find yourself no matter which border you are at. There are ancient houses and cathedrals along the riversides to check out and the quaint towns surely offer up some unique boutiques, cafes, and shops to enjoy yourself at.

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rhine river nuremberg taking to the open road peggy tee lonelyplanet
The historical town of Nuremberg


Castles and museums make this German city an interesting and rewarding spot to stop over at. The 13th to 16th century City Walls should be walked along, there the Castle Quarter that has old buildings and structures that have survived the war, and the museums have tons of culture and history to offer. Nuremberg is a highlight in German and has many festivals, so timing your trip here just right is definitely worth looking into.

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