Best Road Trips in the United Kingdom

Although tiny in comparison to the vast and endless lands of and the United States, the bounteous lands of the United Kingdom offer everything from staggering rural scenery, vibrant cities bursting with culture, classic and hearty cuisine and of course, an unrivaled collection of historical sights. So fill up the camper van, brew a cup of classic English tea and consider the following locations for one of the best road trips in the United Kingdom.

best road trips in united kingdom scottish highlands taking to the open road peggy tee wikipedia
Scottish Highlands (Pic from

The Bonnie Highlands of Scotland

To truly escape the bustling reality of everyday life, begin your epic road trip in the glorious Scottish Highlands. You won’t encounter a single traffic jam as you cruise through vibrant fields of rich, purple heather, feasting your eyes upon rolling green hills and perfectly still blue lakes. The tranquility and scenery of this region is unrivaled, and when you do happen to encounter locals, you will be embraced like a long lost brother and surely offered a steaming plate of traditional haggis!

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best road trips in united kingdom lake district taking to the open road peggy tee wikimedia
Lake District (Pic from

The Luscious Lake District

With its charming hotels, staggering scenery and wonderfully hospitable locals, ensure you make at pit stop in ’s lovely Lake District. The region is a mecca for outdoor activities including challenging hikes, exciting kayak trips, thrilling bike rides and relaxing fishing trips – we guarantee you will sleep like baby here, regardless of which cozy and comfortable cottage you choose to call home for a few days.

best road trips in united kingdom cornwall beach taking to the open road peggy tee wikimedia
Cornwall beaches (Pic from

Coastal Cornwall

Cruise down to the South Coast to visit the charming coastal town of Cornwall, with its warm climate and lovely sandy beaches. If you have a passion for surfing, Cornwall offers some fantastic opportunities to catch impressive waves – head down to either Crooklets or Sandymouth beach for the best experience. Ensure you visit the incredibly picturesque fishing village of Mevagissey, where colorful boats litter the harbor and secluded fairytale coves wait to be discovered. Don’t leave without indulging in a decadent Cornish cream tea of moist scones, decadent clotted cream and sweet strawberry jam – a triumph for the taste buds!

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best road trips in united kingdom london  big ben taking to the open road peggy tee wikimedia
Big Ben in London (Pic from

The Big Smoke

End your trip with a visit to the Big Smoke, the world renowned city of London! Park up on the outskirts for cheaper rates and security, and then brave the bustling tube into the center to visit iconic sights such as the towering London Eye, the architecturally beautiful Houses of Parliament and the famous Tower Bridge. Watch the sun set upon the glittering Thames while indulging in a classic dish of crunchy fish and chips, washing it down with a traditional pint of English beer.

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The Right Turn

Don’t waste a second aimlessly driving around deserted back roads or propelling forward on motorways, clueless as to which junction will lead you to your desired destination. Before you begin, ensure you invest in a reliable satellite navigation system to avoid any disastrous wrong turns and ensure your trip is completely glitch free!

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  1. travelrat says:

    I have just returned from a road trip to Cornwall with some visitors from abroad … and must add the Cornish pasty to the list of ‘must try’. The ‘genuine article’, mind you, not the tasteless, mush-filled crust you find in some supermarkets.

    I’d disagree with the SATNAV, though … having, in the last hour, helped to extricate a tourist coach that tried to go the wrong was down a too-narrow one way street ‘because ze SATNAV said to …’

    Agree … Lake District … but, I would say that, because that’s where I’m from originally! 😀

    1. Ooh I looooveeee Cornish pasties! The real stuff with the delicious gravy and meat chunks and in a proper, crisp pastry shell. Yum!!! I get stressed if I get lost, so for me a GPS is a must in unknown places – and in the case of the tourist coach that tried to squeeze it’s way down that too-narrow one way street, I’d say that would more of a user error than anything else! Common sense must prevail! 😛

      I actually really want to go back to the Lake District and go tramping around – the last time I was there we drove from one spot to the next but didn’t really get a chance to get out into the country too much.

      1. travelrat says:

        Re GPS:

        I love the way her voice seems to get shriller as she screams ‘Turn around NOW’, and, if I go the way I want to go, I swear I detect a sort of resigned ‘If you MUST!’ when she’s worked a new route out.

        I suppose I’ve been getting around with a map and a compass too long!

  2. And Wales! Snowdonia! Cardiff! The UK really has SO many places to explore. OOOOooooh – CAMBRIDGE! I havent even been there. Or Stratford-upon-Avon, or….
    SORRY. Ill shut up now. GREAT post!

    1. I’ve only heard amazing things about Snowdonia and the mountains there – love love love! The UK is so much more than London, really, and so few visitors actually venture beyond the big smoke. It’s a pity! I’ve been to Cambridge and really liked it – Stratford upon Avon was a very quaint little village but there wasn’t too much else to recommend it.

  3. Cornwall remains high on my list after having spent so many summers there as a teenager… Scotland is next in line only because I don’t know anything about it at all and would love to discover it. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint on those beautiful areas of United Kingdom!

    Happy Trails!

    1. Cornwall was really beautiful and I enjoyed my trip there – I can understand your love of it! Scotland is completely different in terms of scenery. It’s wild and beautiful and completely fascinating – I hope you make your way up there to discover it soon!

  4. Heather says:

    I’ll have to keep those in mind for my next trip to the UK!

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