The Most Beautiful Places in New Zealand

With its staggering beautiful scenery, wonderfully welcoming locals and vast areas of deserted landscape, New Zealand is a tiny pocket of pure magic.  The same size as England, with only a quarter of the population, you’re likely to stumble across more sheep than humans in this ethereal country, so it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of normal life.  Before you set about planning your luxury New Zealand holiday, here are a few incredible places to consider visiting the place locals call Gods own country.

New Zealand Tongariro Crossing Taking to the Open Road Peggy Tee Pixabay
Tongariro Crossing

Begin your tranquil escape with a visit to Tongariro National Park, for a one day trek deemed one of the best in the entire world. You’ll feel more like you’re venturing through the undiscovered plains of Mars as you feast your eyes on snowcapped mountain peaks, seemingly endless turquoise lagoons and bubbling volcanic craters. The trek is considered difficult, yet hugely rewarding, and the alpine climate is very changeable so set off well prepared with food supplies and water resistant clothing.

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New Zealand Rotorua thermal pools taking to the open road peggy tee flickr
The thermal pools of Rotorua

For a natural spa retreat, head to Rotorua to explore the geothermal wonders of the region. With boiling mud pools and steaming geysers, this otherworldly landscape will certainly take your breath away. The tranquil mineral pools are the perfect place for total relaxation, providing a place to lie back in the soothing waters while your eyes wander across stunning mountainous backdrops and lush greenery.

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new zealand kaikoura dolphin taking to the open road peggy tee flickr
Dusky dolphins at Kaikoura

Wildlife lovers will jump at the life changing opportunity to swim with dolphins and watch sperm whales frolic near Kaikoura, just off the coast of the South Island. The abundance of marine life and sea birds make this an integral spot on your tourist trail, and you could spend hours watching albatrosses soar and seals slide in this picturesque spot. Kaikoura also offers some glorious hikes; conquer the slopes of Mount Fyffe for a panoramic view of the gorgeous coastal town.

New Zealand MilfordSound taking to the open road peggy tee wikimedia
The majesty of Milford Sound

Hire a car and stock up on picnic food for one of the most spectacular road trips you’ll ever experience to Milford Sound. You’ll journey through majestic mountains, gaping valleys and lush rainforest to one of the wettest, and most breathtaking, places in New Zealand, to see hundreds of waterfalls cascading from steep mountain peaks. Settle down for the sunset and you’ll be treated to a sight you’ll never forget.

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New Zealand MoerakiBouldersSunrise taking to the open road peggy tee wikipedia
The Moeraki Boulders

For an alternative and incredibly bizarre sight, visit the Moeraki Boulders situated on Koekoe Beach north of Dunedin. According to Maori legend, these spherical boulders are debris from the shipwreck of a sailing canoe hundreds of years ago, and the area really is rife with mystery and magic. For the best view of the boulders, visit at low tide and watch the sun descend behind this mesmerizing vision.

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  1. wowsers. great list. hope i remember it when i FINALLy get to visit, whenever that may be!

  2. Ali says:

    These all sound amazing. I really must get myself over to NZ one day soon. I especially like the sound of the trek at Tongariro.

    1. Me too! I would love to just spend a few weeks exploring NZ. In the summer, of course!

  3. mistynites says:

    Awesome photos but barely scratches the surface of this beautiful country that I am lucky to call home.

  4. mistynites says:

    Amazing photos but barely scratches the surface of this beautiful country that I am lucky to call home.

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