Barrington Tops NP: Hiking the Rocky Crossing Track

Located an easy three hours drive away from , Barrington Tops National Park
covers an area of more than 95,000 hectares. There is lush rainforest, rushing streams and gurgling waterfalls, all accessible by , biking or 4WD-ing, the choice is up to you! On a long weekend from Sydney, we drove up for a wee – the Rocky Crossing Track.

Barrington Tops: Rocky Crossing Track
On the trail Track

We start off at the trail head at the Blue Gum Loop, which crosses the river, then brings us into the sheltering scent of eucalyptus trees. Young blue gums line the trail, recovering from past logging and fire. It’s not long before we deviate from the Blue Gum Loop, and start off on the Rocky Crossing Track, keeping the river to our right.

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Barrington Tops: Pool of Reflections
Reflecting by the Pool of Reflection

We’re soon under dark rainforest, and cross a moss covered bridge. The ground is wet and slippery though not as muddy as I feared. Soon we both have tall, sturdy walking sticks in hand, the better to hike through the dense leaf fall with. It is dark beneath the trees, the quiet broken only by the occasional sound of birdcall.

Barrington Tops: Lion's Head
The Lion’s Head, on the Rocky Crossing Track – can you see it?

Our first stop is Lion’s Rock, an aptly named spot. A piece of rock has been carved by wind and water to resemble the regal profile of a lion’s head, lying sidewise in the water. The stream is low, the torrents of water from the previous days rainfall having run its course. We stop to explore the stream a little before heading back into the canopy to take up the trail again.

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We are aiming for a lunch break at the Pool of Reflections, and unpack chicken sandwiches, hot soup, and fruit. It’s a peaceful spot, with the river gently trickling by. The Pool of Reflections is a shimmering expanse of green water, rippling slightly every now and again. We sit by the river bank and drink in the tranquility.

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Barrington Tops: Gurgling streams
Exploring the river bank

The next leg is the longest, and hardest as we follow the dipping track along the river. The last stop is Rocky Crossing, where mudstone terraces await. The guides mentioned that Eastern water dragons are often found at this spot, though we’re not so lucky! The Rocky Crossing Track is a perfect day’s walk, though a looped track would have been our preference – we’ll definitely be back in to hike the Gloucester Trail Circuit next!

Barrington Tops: vegetation
Sexy little strangler vine in the rainforest

Good to know:

Distance: 8 km one way
Time: 5 hours one way
Difficulty: Medium
Facilities: Bathrooms and picnic ares are located at Lagoon’s Pinch and Williams River

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